You can download archives with CIF binaries prepared in advance either from the official project site or from artifacts attached to GitHub Actions. Also, you can build CIF yourself from scratch according to instructions below. Section Building debug version of Aspectator describes various variants of development builds.

Build dependencies

To build CIF you need to install the following packages:

  • make

  • gcc

  • g++

  • flex

  • bison

Build and install

First you need to download archives with the source code of prerequisites needed by GCC (gmp, mpfr, mpc and isl):

$ cd aspectator
$ ./contrib/download_prerequisites

Then return back to the root of the repository and execute make:

$ cd ..
$ make

You can use option -jN for make to significantly speed up building, e.g.:

$ make -j16

In addition, you can speed up building further by disabling bootstrap:

$ ASPECTATOR_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--disable-bootstrap" make -j16

After successful build you can install CIF, e.g.:

$ sudo make install

You can specify the alternative directory where CIF will be installed, e.g.:

$ DESTDIR=/home/user/cif make install

Automatic testing

You can run the following command for automatic testing of CIF:

$ make test

It requires Python 3 and pytest to be installed.


You can uninstall CIF by running the following command:

$ sudo make uninstall

If CIF was installed into an alternative directory with the DESTDIR option then you need to use it again:

$ DESTDIR=/home/user/cif make uninstall


You should run the following command to remove build directories:

$ make clean